Pricing Information

All FORTIFIED Multifamily applications will be charged a $50 application fee to confirm program eligibility. Upon completion of the project, applicants will be charged a designation fee based on designation level being sought and applicable project size based on the FORTIFIED Commercial™ and FORTIFIED Multifamily™ Designation Certificate Fee Schedule prior to obtaining FORTIFIED designation certificates.

Download the Fee Schedule, or Use this calculator to estimate the fee for designating your FORTIFIED Commercial or Multifamily project.

* Please note: The Designation Certificate Fee is an ESTIMATE ONLY and the final fees are determined by IBHS once applications have been submitted.

$ 50.00


* The Application Fee is non-refundable and is charged when application is submitted.
** The Designation Certification Fee is charged at the completion of the first building.
*** All fees above are SEPARATE and IN ADDITION to Evaluation Fees charged by authorized 3rd party FORTIFIED Evaluation Companies.

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