New Name. Simpler Product.


The FORTIFIED Bronze designation is now FORTIFIED Roof™.

Benefits of FORTIFIED Roof

(compared to FORTIFIED Bronze)

Focused Protection

Focus is on strengthening the roof, a home’s first line of defense against severe weather.

Simpler Brand

New name is more meaningful to homeowners and roofing contractors.


Scope of work is now limited to work routinely performed by roofers.

Streamlined Workflow

Workflow is now streamlined for Evaluators and roofers, making process easier.

What’s Different?

Several FORTIFIED Bronze requirements are NOT REQUIRED to earn the new FORTIFIED Roof designation.

No longer required as part of FORTIFIED Roof are:

  • Uplift resistance of wide gable end overhangs.
  • Enhanced gable end sheathing.
  • Strengthened wide vinyl and aluminum soffits.
  • Workflow streamlined for Evaluators and roofers.

Basics of a FORTIFIED Roof

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“Having a FORTIFIED Roof gave us the peace-of-mind our property would be okay when we returned from evacuation.”

FORTIFIED Roof™ owner, Wilmington, NC