Designation = Proof of Resilience

When builders and roofers offer FORTIFIED, they agree to do more than just follow the national standard for resilient construction. They’re also agreeing to have their work reviewed and documented by a certified FORTIFIED evaluator and by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety.

Only homes with a valid FORTIFIED designation have met this requirement.

After confirming all key requirements of the FORTIFIED standard have been met, IBHS grants a designation certificate to the property address and provides it to the evaluator for delivery. Because the designation is issued to the property and not the homeowner, it is transferrable with the sale of a home.

Each certificate includes a specific FORTIFIED ID number and is valid for five years. A current designation, with ID number. is generally required to receive FORTIFIED insurance discounts and to qualify for mitigation credits available in some states.

The expiration date can be found in the bottom right corner of the designation certificate.  If you can’t find your certificate, click here to request one.

If your home has been modified in the past 5 years―perhaps you enclosed an attached porch or added a new bedroom, or maybe you recently replaced your roof―the evaluator will work with you to determine whether your home still meets the FORTIFIED standards. Typically, this will nvolve discussing the changes with the contractor who made them and documenting the building materials and construction techniques used. Each situation is unique, and a certified evaluator will be able to provide an assessment specific to your home

Renewals are Easy

At the end of the five-year designation period, homeowners can seek a redesignation.

To renew a designation, a certified FORTIFIED evaluator must verify the home still meets the FORTIFIED requirements. If the roof covering (shingles, metal, tile, etc.) is in good condition, and no additions or modifications have been made to the home since the last designation was issued, then the inspection is likely the only step that will be required.

Renewals are Important

Because the condition of a home changes over time, it is important to periodically confirm that it still provides the rigorous protection provided by the FORTIFIED standard. One of the main components of a FORTIFIED home is the roof, and the cover (shingles, metal or tile) can degrade over time.  Therefore, it’s one of the major items an evaluator will document during the redesignation inspection. 

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