3 Steps to Becoming a Certified FORTIFIED Service Provider

To be listed in the FORTIFIED directory, evaluators, roofing contractors, and professionals use the FORTIFIED Provider Portal to provide documentation showing they meet provider eligibility requirements.

Step 1

Submit Provider Application

Step 2

Complete Training & Pass the Exam

Step 3

Complete Profile in the Provider Portal

Step 1 – Submit Provider Application

Create an account and register for the FORTIFIED Provider Portal and take the first step towards becoming a certified FORTIFIED service provider.

To set up your account, you’ll provide contact information and upload specific credentials showing you meet the minimum eligibility requirements described in the applicable provider handbook. The FORTIFIED team will review your documentation to confirm you meet the eligibility requirements.

FORTIFIED Roofing Contractor Handbook
FORTIFIED Evaluator Handbook
FORTIFIED Professional Handbook

Step 2 – Complete Training & Pass the Exam

Go to FORTIFIED Wise University and complete the online training course appropriate for your company (roofing contractor, evaluator or professional) and for your area (hurricane or high wind). Then pass the corresponding FORTIFIED certification exam with a score of 85 or better.

When you pass the test, you’ll get an email with your score and certificate. Keep this for your records and to upload to your profile in the FORTIFIED Provider Portal.

Note: Training and exam must be renewed every five years.

Step 3 – Complete Profile in the Provider Portal

Once you’ve passed the certification exam, return to the FORTIFIED Provider Portal to complete the registration process. You’ll need to upload your exam certificate, a signed Provider Agreement and any credentials you have not previously provided.

Certified FORTIFIED Roofing Contractor Agreement
Certified FORTIFIED Evaluator Agreement
FORTIFIED Professional Agreement

Once everything is updated, the FORTIFIED team will review the final documents and make your company’s listing visible in the FORTIFIED Directory. You can now use the FORTIFIED logo and images in advertising and social media campaigns.

NOTE: Providers must periodically provide up-to-date documentation showing insurance, certification and license requirements remain valid. All documentation should be uploaded directly into your individual provider profile in the FORTIFIED Provider Portal.

FORTIFIED Provider Portal

Click for User Guide

Manage Your Provider Profile
Use this online portal to provide and update your individual contact information so IBHS can keep you updated on FORTIFIED news.
Provide Your Eligibility Documents
The portal is also where you’ll submit and store documentation verifying you continue to meet the requirements of a certified FORTIFIED service provider (e.g., licenses, proof of insurance, FORTIFIED certification).
Update Your Company Listing
If you are the owner or account manager for your company, the FORTIFIED Provider Portal is where you’ll manage the information displayed in the FORTIFIED Directory (e.g., company name, website and logo).
Get the Latest Program Info
In addition to housing your provider profile, the FORTIFIED Provider Portal is also an online community where you can see program announcements, explore answers to questions frequently asked by providers and access the “Ask an Expert” tool to get answers to uncommon questions.

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