3 Steps to Becoming a Certified FORTIFIED Service Provider

The Process

To be listed in the FORTIFIED directory, evaluators and roofing contractors must use The FORTIFIED Network to provide documentation showing they continue to meet provider eligibility requirements.

Step 1

Complete Training & Pass the Exam

Step 2

Register for The FORTIFIED Network

Step 3

STEP 3 - Provide Required Eligibility Documents

STEP 1 – Complete Training & Pass the Exam


  • Go to FORTIFIED Wise University and complete the training course appropriate for your company (roofer, evaluator or professional) and for your area (hurricane or high wind) and pass the corresponding FORTIFIED certification exam with a score of 80 or better.
  • When you pass the test, you’ll get an email with your score and certificate. Keep this for your records and to upload in your profile.
  • Training and exam must be renewed every 5 years.
  • All FORTIFIED Wise Roofing Contractors must complete “Key Changes in the 2020 FORTIFIED Home Roof Standard” All FORTIFIED Evaluators must complete “Key Changes in the 2020 FORTIFIED Home Standard”

STEP 2 – Register for The FORTIFIED Network


Create an account for FORTIFIED’s online service provider community and take the next step toward becoming a certified FORTIFIED provider.

Registration – Video Instructions Part 1
Registration – Video Instructions Part 2

*  When registering, you’ll need to complete a very brief application and attest that you meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

Manage Your Provider Profile

Use this online portal to provide and update your individual contact information, so IBHS can keep you informed of FORTIFIED-related issues and opportunities.

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Provide Your Eligibility Documents

This portal is also where you’ll submit and store documentation showing you continue to meet the requirements of a certified FORTIFIED service provider.

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Get the Latest Program Info

In addition to housing your provider profile, The FORTIFIED Network is also an online community where you can see program announcements, explore answers to questions frequently asked by providers, and access the “Ask a FORTIFIED Expert” tool to get answers to new or uncommon questions.

Control Your Directory Listing

If you are the main contact for your company, The Network is also where you’ll manage how information (name, phone number, website, etc.) is displayed in the FORTIFIED provider directory.

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STEP 3 – Provide Required Eligibility Documents

To be certified, all FORTIFIED providers must provide documentation showing they meet the eligibility requirements described in the FORTIFIED Evaluator or the FORTIFIED Roofing Contractor Handbook. Additionally, all providers must continue to provide up-to-date documentation that insurance, certification and license requirements are met.

All documentation should be uploaded directly into your provider profile on The FORTIFIED Network. Click for Step-by-Step Instructions Click for Video Tutorial

Within 30 days, you must upload the following documentation to your provider profile:

Depending on what professional qualifications you meet, you may also need to upload:

  • ICC certification documents
  • Proof of home inspector association membership
  • A resume or a letter from a supervisor stating the details of your experience

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