Renewing Your Designation is Important

Because the condition of a home changes over time, it is important to periodically confirm it still provides the rigorous protection of the FORTIFIED standard. At the end of each five-year designation period, a renewal inspection is required and can be provided by any certified FORTIFIED evaluator.

Re-designations are Easy

To renew a designation, a certified FORTIFIED Evaluator must submit documentation to the FORTIFIED team to assist in confirming that a home still meets FORTIFIED requirements. If the roof covering (shingles, metal, or tile) is in good condition and no additions or modifications have been made since the last designation was issued, one site visit is likely the only step required.

FORTIFIED Home™ designations not renewed within one year of the expiration date must pay an additional $50 processing fee. Designations cannot be renewed more than five years after their expiration date; however, a new FORTIFIED designation may be issued if a complete evaluation is submitted and accepted.

What Requires a More Complex Re-designation?

If your home has been modified in the past five years – perhaps you enclosed an attached porch or added a new bedroom, or maybe you installed a doggie door or new gutters – the evaluator will work with you to document those changes. Typically, this will involve discussing the changes with the contractor who made them and documenting the building materials and construction techniques used. Each situation is unique, and a certified FORTIFIED evaluator will be able to document and submit required information specific to your home.

Designation Expiration Dates Updated

Recently, some re-designation dates were updated to spread requests for re-designation inspections throughout the year helping to ensure local evaluators can respond promptly. If your home’s FORTIFIED designation will be up for renewal between 2024 and 2027, the expiration date has been updated, and a new copy of your designation certificate is now available online. If you received a post card like the one pictured here, simply scan the QR code on the reverse side using a smart phone to access the new certificate. If you do not have the postcard, click the box below to request an updated copy. Proof of homeownership is required..

What to do with your new certificate?

After IBHS has reviewed the documentation provided by your evaluator and agreed that your home still meets the FORTIFIED standard, a new designation certificate will be issued. Most insurers require the updated certificate to maintain FORTIFIED-related incentives. So be sure to contact your insurance agent and provide a copy of the new certificate. Be sure to also keep a copy for your records.

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