Shut the Door

Closing interior doors can give your roof a fighting chance against high winds.

Research shows that the roof is the most vulnerable part of your house during high winds.

The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) has identified simple, low-cost ways homeowners can better protect their roofs during storms—such as shutting all your interior and exterior doors when powerful wind is in the forecast. IBHS research found shutting doors during severe weather can reduce pressure on your roof by 30 percent.

Winds can rush into your home – like air filling a balloon – through broken windows or blown-open garage or exterior doors. The interior pressure on the roof and walls can create a life-threatening situation. IBHS testing discovered closing interior doors compartmentalizes this pressure into a smaller area making it less of a threat to the roof.

Level Up
When it’s time to re-roof, select a FORTIFIED Roof™ to keep wind and rain out, giving you peace of mind during severe weather. Protecting openings of the home is an important next step once you have a stronger roof. Both FORTIFIED Silver™ and FORTIFIED Gold™ reinforce areas of the home conventional construction leaves susceptible to damage from high wind by requiring a wind-rated garage door and impact protection for windows and doors. This helps keep wind, rain, and pressure from entering the home and causing a cascade of damage during the next storm.

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