Grow your business and protect your community from severe weather

Based on decades of research by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), the FORTIFIED Commercial™ construction standard minimizes the risk of storm damage allowing businesses to quickly re-open following hurricanes, tornadoes and other severe weather.

Resilient Building Design and Stronger Construction Standard

The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) developed FORTIFIED Commercial™ as a construction standard and designation to reduce damage to commercial structures and help businesses re-open more quickly following severe weather.

Standing up to Hurricane Sally

See how FORTIFIED Commercial protects local businesses.

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FORTIFIED Commercial focuses on community-based and light to moderate commercial structures such as:

Multi-family residential / residential (when not governed by the IRC)
Template (“cookie-cut”) stand-alone buildings
Franchises (e.g., quick-service restaurants)
Convenience stores/gas stations
Pharmacies/retail stores
Business services
Schools/municipal buildings
Mixed use

Excluded occupancies include high-hazard and appurtenances such as barns and sheds. Please see the FORTIFIED Commercial standard for more information.

FORTIFIED Commercial includes three levels of resiliency:

When severe weather strikes, FORTIFIED Roof keeps the roof on and the rain out.


FORTIFIED Silver includes the protection of FORTIFIED Roof and adds additional protection to vulnerable and often overlooked components, including parapets, doors and windows.

For ultimate protection choose FORTIFIED Gold. It includes all the protection of FORTIFIED Roof and Silver and requires that your business’s entire structure is tied together forming a continuous load path.

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