Checklists & Forms

Tools to make getting a FORTIFIED Home designation easier.

General Flashing Guidelines
for Steep-Sloped Roofs
FORTIFIED Re-Roofing Checklist
Verify Compliance –
New Construction
Hurricane Technical
Requirements Summary
High Wind Technical
Requirements Summary
Compliance Form
New Roof
Requirements Overview

Construction Standards

FORTIFIED Home standards address all technical information and installation requirements for FORTIFIED Roof, FORTIFIED Silver, and FORTIFIED Gold designations.


For High Wind standards,
please contact Laurie Grundy at

Technical Bulletins

FORTIFIED technical bulletins serve two purposes.

  1. Provide additional technical information that must be used in conjunction with FORTIFIED Home standards.
  2. Provide approved optional methods to achieve compliance with FORTIFIED Home standards requirements.
2015-01 Sealed Roof Deck
2015-02 Taping the Roof Deck Seams
2015-03 Garage Doors
2015-04 Sealed Roof Deck Supplemental Deck Attachment
2016-01 Eligible Dwellings
2016-04 Roof Deck
2016-05 Shingle Installation at Roof Edge
2017-01 Roof Flashing
2017-02 Retrofit for Ladder Framed Gable Overhang
2017-03 Low-Slope Roof Guidelines in Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Alabama
2017-04 Eligibility Requirements and Retrofit Requirements for Elevated-Floor (Not Slab-on-Grade) Houses
2018-01 Corrosion-Resistant Fasteners
2018-02 Gable End Roof Sheathing Fastening Requirements